Know Him

At First Baptist Church Chillicothe we have a great desire to Know Him through the preaching of His Word, through the study of His Word in the Sunday School classes, and also through the song and music that we sing. We believe that our liturgy should communicate the salvation message that is contained in the Gospel. Thus, we are longing and trying to present a Gospel-centered worship and utilizing songs and music that are rooted deeply in the Bible so that we may Know Him more through the songs and music that we sing.

Worship Service, January 21:

Click on the song's title above to listen to the songs for this upcoming Sunday Worship Service.

Serve Him

Our church is blessed with many ministries. To participate in the different music ministries contact Enrico Stephen, Minister of Music at 660-646-2834 or

The church's choir is the place for those who love to sing praises to God! God never requires His people to be able to sing beautifully before they can sing praises to Him. God wants a heart full of gratitude and filled with the desire to praise and worship Him. The church's choir rehearses every Monday from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

Also check our children's choir ministry under for children tab!

Praise band is another place for you to serve. We are honored to have the privilege of assisting the Body of Christ to worship Him in Spirit and in truth every Sunday.

Come and join us for rehearsal every Wednesday from 7:30 PM until 8:30 PM.

These are great opportunities for you to plug into our church!

Make Him Known

"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations ..." Matt. 28:19 (ESV) We realize that sharing the Gospel is the responsibility of every believer. Thus, we also try to be salt and light for our community and the world through our music ministry.

In order to be a blessing for our community, First Baptist Church in partnership with Youth Music Academy provide a music instruction program for stringed instruments (violin, viola, and cello) in Chillicothe, MO. Please email Sheree Yoder at or call 816-896-2873 or call the church office (660-646-2834) to know more about this strings program.